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By Icy of 2sg:

There are a number of factors that can be improved on during the process.
1.) Wordplay
2.) Rhyme Scheme's
3.) Switch-Ups
4.) Multies (Multy-Rhyming Syllabuls)
5.) Punches
6.) Personals
7.) Flow
8.) Punctuation

1.1 - Wordplay
What Is Wordplay?
Wordplay can be stretched out to a number of different meanings. Some people refer to wordplay as using more advanced words. I tend to call this 'Word-Use'. Wordplay is where you use multiple words that relate to each-other throughout the line/bar that your using. For example...
I could use this line..

Like a cactus without the needles he needs protection /

This would be wordplay. Obviously you can tell that a cactus has needles for protection. See where they relate?
You could change words throughout the sentance to make a more offensive, less offensive, or tottally foolish line. Obviously the more offensive the better. Check it out...

Like a cactus this prick is nothing without protection /

Can you see where i've changed about four words to use the sentance more effectively? Take time whilst writing your lyrics to ensure this. The more wordplay you use the better as it shows you've actually worked on a lyric, plus it helps improve in the long run. Only thing is don't go over the top - If you use a stupid amount then it'll discuise the punch, completely ruining the line. It may not work everytime obviously, and some lines will have more to offer than others, but its all about how you use it.

1.2 - Use Of Words
Now i'm sure some of you are slightly more intelligent than others when it comes to proffesional type wording! Therefore a dictionary may come in handy for the slightly less knowledgable. Freestyle...

wrap a snake around your neck, tighten it and watch you die /

okay this line might say you wanna watch some dude get strangled, but using longer words will make the line stand out, and make you look as if you know what your doing. using longer words...

wrap a constricter round your throat and oblige the suffocation /

I'm sure you can notice that the second version easily out-does the first due to the 'use of words'. Make sure when your voting on a battle you use the correct term to save possible confusion.

Rhyme Scheme
2.0 - Rhyme Scheme
What Is A Rhyme Scheme?
Basically a rhyme scheme is the way multies or rhyming words are used in a line/bar. The structure if you will. When you write lyrics, some people tend to find that they naturally rhyme in specific places of the verse. Whilst writing you should be able to sense where a rhyming word would sound good to, and where it would'nt. My rhyme scheme...

i'm so cold i spit and release fire~spits, so hot but only to enable higher~hits /
i'm so numb i walk round town without noticing the girl hanging on my cock by~her~lips /

As you can see the structure of my rhyme scheme is like so...
blah blah blah blah blah Rhyme blah blah blah blah blah Rhyme /
bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla Rhyme /

Na'mean? Now lets take a look at another mc's. Slick Nick from this forum...

Disrespectin my presense? screaming out fuck~greeks?
i got money where my mouth is, all you got is buck~teeth /
leave this dumb~geek with cut~feet..............

As you can see, his follows on to the next line which is a nice idea.
The structure...
bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla Rhyme /
bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla Rhyme /
bla bla Rhyme bla bla Rhyme...........

There are endless possibilities of rhyme schemes, and most online board mc's use them. Myself whilst writing lyrics, i write as it comes into my head, using no scheme, but online boards i use the one above. One thing you must remember is to NEVER steal another mc's rhmye scheme. Its called biting and should'nt be done. obviously the odd line during a verse cant be helped, we're not psychic, but taking the piss is not good and will earn you a bad name. Take my advice and any decent mc will back me up here.

3.0 - Switch-Ups
Okay a switch up could be referred to as an advanced rhyme scheme, or maybe two rhyme schemes in one. Switch-ups are almost vital to an MC as they bring out the best of the bars basically. Using them takes skill, but the payback is making the bar flow better in some cases and making it sound so monotonous as it normally would.
One of MY switch-ups...

i could afford plasturgery on my hormones before you expand~your~mouth /
Found~your~mouse? i've seen more~posts to an abandoned~house

the switch-up scheme here is...

blah blah blah blah blah Rhyme 1 blah blah blah blah blah Rhyme 2 /
Rhyme 2 blah blah blah Rhyme 1 blah blah blah blah blah Rhyme 2 /

that was one i used in a recent battle by the way. again i only use one switch-up and the rest are written as i go along.

4.0 - Multies
What Is A Multi?
A 'multi' is a short term word meaning 'Multiple Rhyming Sillabuls'. A lot of the big rappers out thee use them here and there, Eminem is a perfect example of this. I assume y'all know what a syllabul is! A freestyled bar with multies...

now who's the best? Tell~Me~Straight, i'll give a world of Hell~To~Hate /
I'll freeze you putting you fifty below, now thats what i call an Un~Healthy~State /

The Multies-......Tell Me Straight / Hell To Hate / Healthy State
Its better than-..Tell Me Straight / World To Hate / Healthy Diet!

get me? These are almost essiential to a good lyric! If your a master at punches then they're the cherry on top! I ALWAYS have at least two rhyming syllabuls, whilst the above are three rhyming syllabuls...

Three Rhyming Syllabuls
Tell - Me - Straight / Hell - To - Hate / Heal - thy - State

Four Rhyming Syllabuls
Over~Again / Hovis~The~Bread / Boning~A~Sket
of - er - Ag - ain / Hov - Is - The - Bread / Bon - ing - A - Sket

I'm sure you get the picture! Make sure you take time to deliver these to the best of your ability and the more they sound the same, the better.

I've seen people use multies like...
Dish up your dirt on a Ragged~Plate
Fuck a tennis ball blad, i wannaSmash~Your~Face

These are the same sound in letters A-U-A, but there not the same format of word. get me? cool...

5.0 - Punches
What is a punch?
Okay, probably the hardest part of text battling, creating punches!
My expression for a punch, is what you could call a 'comedy flick'.
A line used against the opponent, sometimes imaginary, sometimes not.
These are very cleverly put together to put a different feeling into the verse.
You'll know what i mean when you read a sick punch, and you get that feeling and a faint smile pops out - thats a good punch.
Also a punch could be spitting a line with two meanings. Heres one from Lyrical Lush, check it out...
You should put Lipstick~On~Your~Head and Make~Up~Your~Mind

You should get this one fairly easy. whats lipstick? Make-Up. Put it on your head and Make Up your mind!

Theres not a lot i can do to help here, it all comes with experience.
And G'luck! lol

6.0 - Personals
Theres nothin better than voting on a verse with sick personal punches! even if they're not as hard hitting, they still show that you worked on the verse and its a sign of improvement. A personal punch can rip ANYTHING about your opponent. It could be they're name, number of posts or even somethin they've said. Examples..

Against General Assasin..
i'll 'jab' the 'generals~flad' down his 'throat' so that he's 'reppin~his~words' /

Against Khrome..
my 'dicks~in~your~mouth', i'd 'best~get~it~out', i never know when you 'might~BITE' /

against element..
no wonder you gettin 'beef' bredrin, your the 'whackest~aboard' /

i'm sure you get the picture by now!

7.0 - Flow
Flow plays another big part in both text battling and audio. Basically a sick verse could be ruined by a choppy flow scheme, likewise a not so good verse can be uplifted by a nice consistent flow. Example...

This lyricist is lyrically impenetrable
This could be improved by changing the word use..

you beating me is lyrically impossible
this is still slightly choppy, but its better than the last by far.
freshen it with a bit of punctuation..

you beating me is 'lyric~ally' impossible
by adding the ~ its helped the word flow a little.

don't be obsessed though, obviously not every line in every verse will immaculately flow, but its best to keep choppy flow to a minimum.

8.0 - Punctuation
Myself i use ' and ' to show multies and punch set-ups. Also i use ~ to connect multies and punch setups. Example..

you 'wussy', i'll sned you flying 'off~your~seat' so don't be gettin 'cushy' /
i'd 'poke~ur~mum' but my 'mother~fuckin~fingers' cant 'keep~up' with this 'pussy' /

Also, when it comes to a word with two meaning ie. Painless/Paneless, its always good to indicate this with brackets if your not sure whether it'll get noticed.
From another MC on these boards...

like a 'window' without the 'glass', your 'painless' / (paneless)

Overall Tips
try to keep spelling mistakes and 'hard-to-understand' words to a minimum. Some mc's believe that a good lyricist does'nt have to explain they're lyrics (element lol).
Keep your verse lay-out neat presentation wise for the cherry on top. this can be done by keeping line lengths roughly the same..
hi i'm IcY /
i work over at the pound shop accross which aint that pricey /

get me?

OKay, i'my drop some more tips when i get a bit more time, so watch this.
Hope i helped some of y'all, like i said everything takes time init.
This thread will be locked to prevent fraff, but if you need further help or advice then don't hesitate to add me.
obviously i also have a life and lyrics to write, so try not to add me for some little reason, don't forget i can be pm'd too!

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